Mastermind group


Your problem
You are not generating enough revenue for your business and you are getting frustrated. Running your own business can be very lonely and your expertise is often limited to your own skill set.

The solution
Join my Mastermind before it’s too late. If you don’t sort your revenue problem out, your competitor will. Businesses we never thought could go under no longer exist. This is your opportunity to become part of a dedicated community who share a goal and a vision – to enable their business to thrive.

The value of a Mastermind
A Mastermind is where like-minded people get together to help you achieve more success. This Mastermind group will be formed of just six select people. Every business owner and business person that has attended a Mastermind group has generated better outcomes.

A Mastermind group:

  • ✔ Keeps you accountable
  • ✔ Gives you more confidence
  • ✔ Helps you acquire more knowledge
  • ✔ Enables you to learn quicker
  • ✔ You get results faster

You can spend years doing things by yourself or you can work with successful people and
get there sooner.

How does it work?
The best time to learn is the beginning of the day so you can implement what you learn. My clients achieve success learning early in the week so they take action and get results. If you learn on a Friday afternoon, you forget by Monday. So the Zoom sessions take place 8-9am on a Monday so you can make a difference the rest of the week.

12 Weeks starting Monday 7th September
8.00am-8.10am: Weekly wins and networking
8.10am-8.40am: Take the hot seat. You discuss a problem you’re having and the rest of the group brainstorms solutions to help you. Every week the person in the hot seat changes.
8.40am-9.00am: Sales Training tips of the week from Niraj. This can be prospecting, LinkedIn, presentation skills, email writing, negotiations, mindset and resilience, closing a sale etc.

Added value bonuses
• 45 minute sales coaching session once a month from Niraj
• Ebook on the New Rules of Selling for yourself and your team
• Sales Tips for 2020 for yourself and your team

This is a real investment in you and your business
This course is worth £5000 and will cost this in the future. As this is the first one, I’m doing it at a one off special at £1995, or three monthly installments of £751, deadline 4th September.

Your results will be recorded as well as your transformation. This will soon be the UK’s go-to sales mastermind training course, so grab it while you can. You will see results, grow your clients and you will grow in confidence by developing a bullet proof routine tailored to you.

To be involved, contact: [email protected]

Disclaimer: you need to put the work in for the results. You need to show up to every session. You must complete all tasks and you must promise to give me your all.

“Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.”
Tony Robbins, peak performance coach (recommended by Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman)

“Mastermind is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

“I don’t know anyone who has become super successful without employing the principles of both networking and masterminding.”
Jack Canfield, co-author ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and ‘The Success Principles’.