M.A.S.S. S.A.L.E.S System

M.A.S.S. S.A.L.E.S System

“You can’t handle the truth.”

“There’s no place like home.”

“I’ll be back.”

These are the biggest movie quotes of all time. The most misunderstood one is “If you build it, he will come.” This is translated into business as “If you build it, they will come.”

No they won’t.

You build a website, a product, a masterclass or an event, nobody will turn up unless you sell tickets or sell the event. You want to get business, you have to go out there and sell yourself. So many people struggle because they don’t understand selling is a skill which is why so many business owners and salespeople sound the same.

My brother in law is a front line NHS doctor. It took him 9 years. My mum spent years becoming a phsyio and my brother spent years becoming a tennis coach and still goes to tennis events to learn and network.

For sales, you maybe do a day’s training, watch a few videos, maybe read an article. That’s why most people can’t sell.

You need regular learning and accountability. A course will certainly help you do better, but you need accountability and experts advising you to go even further.

That’s why I created the M.A.S.S. S.A.L.E.S System

- the building blocks of mastering sales.




Sales Strategy

Sales Process





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Option 1 - £195

✔ Course with 9 modules

✔ Bonus Interviews

✔ Coaching over email

Option 2 - £1997

✔ Course with 9 modules

✔ Bonus Interviews

✔ Coaching over email

✔ 2 x PDFs for further learning

✔ 4 x Zoom coaching sessions (£1,545 value)

Due to my commitment to running a sales coaching and LinkedIn training business, I can’t take on more than 8 new clients per quarter.