LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn has grown from 650million followers in 2020 to almost 860m in 2022, making it the world’s largest and sot effective platform for business.

In 2021, LinkedIn awarded only 10 people in the world a Top Voice in Sales and I was honoured to be one of them.

I’ve grown my audience by 300%
Double my revenue by 200%
Built an amazing tribe of friends and business contacts.
Built my personal brand and credibility.

So here’s some tips to help you get started.
✔ The more you support others, the more good stuff comes back to you
✔ Look at what your competitors are doing and go in the opposite direction
✔ Testimonials matter and help you win deals, so if you're doing great work, always ask for a LinkedIn recommendation
✔ Lift people up. Buy their books, support their courses, promote their podcasts. There's enough business for everyone
✔ Build relationships with LinkedIn voice notes and personal videos send through LinkedIn messenger
✔ Your personal story humanises you and people buy people
✔ Consistency matters more than you realise
✔ Like and comment on your clients posts
✔ Like and comment on my potential clients posts

LinkedIn testimonials

Niraj is nothing but brilliant, you can see and hear in practice the advice he's giving you during every engagement you have. Practical advice that's easy to implement, with great results. That's the secret sauce right there.
Sam Furr CEO Tappable

Niraj’s knowledge and expertise is first class and he even followed up with an accountability call - talk about going above and beyond.  His coaching on maximising the use of LinkedIn was extraordinarily insightful and his genuine desire to add value is apparent
Jay Rai, member Forbes Coaches Council

Niraj provided real value in the Linkedin sales training he delivered for me and I liked the way the training was divided and the way that Niraj had made it simple and practical to follow. I can say that that Niraj over achieved in my expectation of the training and would highly recommend Niraj, if like me Linkedin is important to your business.
John Cassidy, VP of Sales, Inbenta

Extremely detailed and thought provoking sessions. Subsequently, I have changed the way I engage with others and write posts.
Would highly recommend him. He gives you value for money and makes it fun.

Yasmin Ulhaq, director Glenfield property Management

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