Speaking Engagements


Niraj delivers empowering keynote and roundtable sessions through powerful storytelling and audience participation. There is no endless slide presentation or frantic flipping through flipcharts, instead he speaks from the heart on topics he is passionate about and can deliver immense value to audiences.


How to Remove your Roadblocks
Selling is about mindset, if you feel that it is a sleazy word you will portray that to your client. Understanding what is holding you back and developing a style that is in line with your values and personality will create a sense of confidence when selling.

It’s not all about closing
So many businesses focus on the end goal, the close, that they often fail at the first hurdle by not opening a deal correctly. In a competitive marketplace you need to stand out, you need to show that you understand the industry, the customer and the individual or group you are wishing to work with.

Lessons learned – the hard way
Niraj takes audiences on his journey through a career in sales. A rollercoaster of highs and lows, Niraj shares valuable insights into what is great, and not so great, about why sales are important and the lessons learned.